Friday, November 28, 2008

Kyle's Truck Stop Thanksgiving

Hello boys and girls, and welcome back to another fun filled blog from Kyle's Corner.
So I had an interesting thanksgiving to say the least, instead of having thanksgiving at home, my mom decided she didn't want my dad spending thanksgiving alone, even though we invited him to come here, and declined, I even offer to go get him, so instead of having thanksgiving at home, we go to weatherford to pick up my grandfather, and then head out to PETRO. Well for those who may not know PETRO is a truck stop, with a diner inside. Well it appears everyone in town was at the ole PETRO they even had a drivers only section, well they had a buffet bar and as I was looking over the buffet I saw they were serving a traditonal thanksgiving meal, however it didnt looks so good, and as we waited for some tables to come open, yes there was a wait at a truck stop diner, I saw a guy coming through the line with a mullet, and I knew for sure at any minute that Jeff Foxworthy or any of the blue collar comedy tour guys were going to pop up somewhere. After laughing to myself and shaking my head we finally get a seat, well the section they put us in was full of cowboys who looked like either they just came from a rodeo, or were about to go to one. Well I get the menu and decide the buffet was not for me, I think I heard the turkey still gobbling from the buffet line, I order what is called King of the road...its two chicken fried steaks with fries, well it may sound good, but it wasnt that great, well the service wasnt much better either, but everyone in town was there. Well we eat, and head back to my grandfathers house, and on my way, and Im telling you the truth, no one could make this up, a old car starts coming our way, and I can tell its either a charger or challenger, and then I see that it is orange, and then it passes us, and of course it was the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard show, it has the 01 on the side and everything, I wish I could have gotten a picture but it was gone in a hurry, I couldnt help but laugh, it just put the topping on the cake, to what I am now calling the Redneck Truck Stop Thanksgiving. Oh well at least the cowboys won. Next year Im staying home and eat a bowl of cereal or something, or find somewhere else to go. I hope your thanksgiving was a good one. If nothing else I got to spend it with family and Iam thankful for that, but be looking on CMT you may just see it on there with Tom Arnold.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

His pain our gain

So I see this shirt today that says His Pain Our Gain, a shirt about Jesus dying on the cross, no big deal I know we have seen it before. However lately I have been looking at this a little deeper about this, yes Jesus went to the cross for our sins, and paid a debt that could not be paid any other way, and without Jesus we wouldnt have a way to the father, however I started thinking about sin, and how we are forgiven if we believe, and if we ask for it with all our heart, and I started thinking why do we sin, everytime I sin its like the nails are being driven into his hands again, everytime I dont stand up for him and deny I know him he is being crucified again, everytime I see someone use his name in vain, or mock him and I say nothing Iam putting the crown of thorns on his head, everytime I choose the things of this world Iam the one stabbing him in the side, for some reason it really hit me the other day thinking about that shirt, I mean when someone lets us down we are hurt, sometimes angry, and sometimes it takes us time to forgive, how much pain does he feel when we sin, we arent worth the price he paid, thankfuly he is a merciful God, one that is loving, and forgiving to all that believe in his son, so the next time you are faced with a tough decision, or tough spot, choose to honor him, and glorify him, live as a beacon of light so that others will see him working in you, dont do it for yourself, do it for him I mean out of all the people he is the one I dont want to hurt.